Advancing Regenerative Medicine

Stem cells are healing cells. Stem cell therapy provides true healing, harnessing the body’s own power of the body to heal.

The use of stem cells has proven to be both a safe and effective means of treating many conditions. These cells allow the body to heal and regenerate in ways that were thought impossible before. Stem cell technology provides a natural alternative to the use of drugs and surgeries, which may be more harmful and invasive.

The New Standard of Care in Cannabis Medicine

Sikora Integrative Medicine is the area’s premier center for the practice of medical cannabis medicine. Dr. Alita Sikora was one of the first physicians in Vero Beach, FL to become a Qualified Ordering Physician. Her experience as a Board Certified MD in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation with over 16 years of experience providing care to patients with chronic illness as well as our standard of care sets us apart from the many other clinicians practicing this exciting new facet of medicine in Florida. She has been in the press due to her expertise in this field: Read More

State of the art facility where we provide responsible & comprehensive care to individuals suffering from chronic illness who are looking for a more natural path of treatment.


We have helped hundreds of patients reduce or stop their pain and anxiety medications with the use of medical marijuana. With our physician supervised program, cannabis is a safe, natural, medicine. It works with the endocannabinoid system that is crucial for health and healing.

Medical marijuana is a medicine that allows patients better control of their treatment (unlike conventional pharmaceutical regimens). At Sikora Integrative Medicine we provide a personalized experience and take the time to educate our patients comprehensively. From learning how cannabis interacts with the human body to treatment protocols tailored to specific conditions and product education, our patients are empowered to use medical marijuana as a safe, nontoxic, effective treatment for a variety of physical and mental health conditions.

Here is a link to the state of Florida rules and regulations and patient information regarding medical marijuana: Rules & Regulations

The Area’s top provider of Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP) Regenerative Therapy

Harness your body’s power to heal naturally. At Sikora Integrative Medicine, we utilize PRP to heal the body naturally and nonsurgically. We help the body fight inflammation and pain and repair naturally using your own body’s natural growth factors to heal joints, tendons, ligaments, and arthritis.

Announcing our new IV Vitamin Drip Lounge opening in November 2019

Do you feel run down, get frequent colds, gain weight easily, have depression, pain, trouble concentrating, insomnia, or fatigue? Due to the demands of today’s world, we have difficulty keeping our natural nutrients balanced. We’re rushed and stressed, surrounded by environmental toxins, eating nutrient-poor food and don’t always give our bodies the exercise and hydration they need.

On Dec 14 Dr. Sikora injected my left and right sacroiliac joints with a combination of PRP and stem cells. As of 3/12/19 the right side pain level went from a 7-8/10 to a 3. In Jan I had exosomes injected and after 8 weeks I have improvement of my finger arthritis. I can now move all my fingers freeley with very little pain.


Excellent Doctor!! Considerate, kind, understanding and listens. Thankfully, Dr. Sikora has helped minimize my chronic fibromyalgia and back pain. Thanks to her, I feel so much better dealing with that crazy chronic pain!!! I’m fortunate to have found a healing and caring doctor right here in Vero… I highly recommend Dr. Sikora


I hope you had a great Holiday and I look forward to seeing you soon especially because my face looks amazing and everybody is calling me “beautiful.” You do good work worth every penny


Dr Sikora, just wanted you to know those perineural injections are working. I have only taken 2 pain pills a day instead of 4. I am not waking up in the middle of the night due to pain. Thank you and I will see you soon.

-Elizabeth O.

There is a movie called the "Miracle Worker." You (Dr. Sikora) are the miracle worker of 2018. I have not had any pain since you gave me shoulder injections. God bless you Dr. Sikora. I thank God for putting her in my life.

-Clare F.

Using medical marijuana my qality of life has improved so much. I have stopped Hydrocodone. I am happy, pain free. and living my best life. Thank you Dr. Sikora

-Ressa K

I have had Botox, PRP, acupuncture, fillers, and microneedling with Dr. Sikora. I've had an amazing response that I did not expect to the PRP for hair. My hair stylist has commented that my hair is much thicker and she is impressed with the results of two sessions of PRP injected into my scalp. I also love acupuncture with Dr. Sikora; it provides instant pain relief. PRP of my face with microneedling has rejuvenated my skin and made it glow. I am very pleased and surprised with the results of the PRP!


After months of back/neck tension and soreness, as well as TMJ symptoms and jaw discomfort, I decided to make an appointment with Dr.Sikora for trigger point injections and to discuss options for my jaw clenching and pain. I received trigger point injections in my neck and lower back, as well as Xeomin in my masseter (chewing) muscle. I am happy to report that I have 90% relief in my neck/back and jaw after just 2 days! I am so thankful for Dr. Sikora's knowledge, recommendations and gentle touch with the injections! I highly recommend her!


Chronic pain is an issue many of us live with.........yesterday I went to see Dr. Sikora here in VB......really took time to listen and to discuss options for me.... she was compassionate and very comfortable to speak to......I would highly recommend Dr. Sikora!


Dr. Sikora is wonderful. She gave me a shot in my back. I had anticipated major back surgery and I am pain-free. My procedure lasted 3 minutes. The effects of the shot should last about 2 months.It is not an epidural. The Dr. if very kind and empathetic. The office is very clean. Would recommend her to anyone.


I have had seven back surgeries and have been on Oxycodone for over 10 years which had stopped helping my pain. I started medical marijuana on March 24, 2018, using a 1:1 CBD to THC vaporizer and 1:4 CBD to THC marijuana patches on my back which takes the pain away completely. Within 2 hours of application of the patch, my pain is gone and lasts for 12 to 16 hours. I have my life back. I feel so much better. I am clearheaded. I am a human again! Thank you!

-Brenda C.

Dr. Sikora is very kind and compassionate! She takes the time to listen to me and my concerns. I have been suffering with RSD chronic pain for many years. She reviewed all my options and I have begun using medical marijuana instead of opioids. She is caring and extremely knowledgeable. As a former healthcare worker, I was very impressed by her professionalism! I highly recommend her to anyone seeking treatment for their pain!

-Karen C.

Since starting medical marijuana 2 months ago for my Multiple Sclerosis the muscle spasms have stopped almost completely. Once in a while I have a short spasm that lasts 1-2 minutes but no serious spasms since I started using medical marijuana. I was on 4-6 Percocet per day for my MS spasms and neck degenerative disc disease, knee and shoulder arthritis for 12 years. I am now completely off the pain medication.

-Michael K.

I had been on Oxycodone for 15 years for chronic back pain. Since seeing Dr. Sikora and using medical marijuana I have completely stopped taking the 10 to 12 pain pills per day that I had been on for years. Medical marijuana is really helping my back pain with no side effects. Thank you Dr. Sikora.

-Neil S.

I had PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injected into both knees last week by Dr. Sikora. I have had knee pain for many years and have tried steroid injections and physical therapy to alleviate my knee pain/arthritis with no relief. I now have two new knees thanks to Dr. Sikora! So easy now to get up and down and walk. Thank you thank you!!

-Vesta B

AMAZING!!!! I am in the medical field been to so many uneducated doctors its just insane. I was so lucky to find Dr. Sikora, she actually cares about her patients. I have had a few surgeries on my spine and its just a relief to have her to keep me in line. Love her

-Mary C.
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