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Amniotic Allograft

What is amniotic allograft?

Amniotic allograft is a nonsurgical, regenerative solution to hip, knee, and shoulder pain as well as tendinitis. We are currently using Fluid Flow™ from Biolab Science: it is a “ a unique amniotic liquid allograft used to accelerate soft-tissue repair, replacement, and reconstruction. It’s currently being used to successfully address degenerative joint disorders, inflammatory conditions, and soft-tissue injuries. Membrane Graft™ is a dehydrated human amnion membrane (dHAM) allograft composed primarily of a connective tissue matrix that helps to regenerate soft tissue while inhibiting inflammation and scar tissue formation.” Please contact the office for a consult to see if this may be an option for you at (772)228-6882.  To learn more about either product, visit

Is it safe?

Any injection has risks of bleeding or infection which we minimize with sterile technique and we use precision guidance with our ultrasound machine.  All donors are tested for infectious diseases, similar to the testing done for blood donation, and additional sterility testing is performed once the tissue has been processed. 

The injections have had no reported adverse effects in the US or Europe and have been used on hundreds of thousands of patients. (Keep all the same info on the rest of the page)

Is it covered by insurance?

This product now has a product-specific reimbursement code, or Q-Code which allows for reimbursement by Medicare and Tricare.

How does it work?

Amniotic allograft contains growth factors, specialized cytokines, and enzyme inhibitors, including some of the most important needed for healing. Growth factors are powerful agents that our bodies produce to recruit the body’s own stem cells to the injured site to help enhance the body’s normal healing process, help the site to heal, and help your own cells regenerate the damaged tissue.

What conditions can amniotic allograft be used for?

Amniotic therapy may be useful in treating pain associated with the following:
• Knee, hip, shoulder osteoarthritis
• Rotator cuff tendonitis
• Degenerative arthritis
• Achilles tendonitis
• Other related conditions
• Sports and overuse injuries

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Is this a live stem cell injection?

No, amniotic allograft does not contain live stem cells. It contains growth factors, which have been shown through published research to recruit your body’s own stem cells to the site to enhance the healing process. Amniotic Tissue Allografts should not to be confused with stem cellsNo ethical questions are raised for Amniotic Tissue Allografts.

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